Prof (Dr) Ujjwal K Debnath : Experimental Researches

In vivo performance of a novel polymer (Poly-ε-Caprolactone) composite material

I worked on the project “In vivo performance of a novel polymer (Poly-ε-Caprolactone) composite material” for 18 months. I set up the experimental project with rabbits as the animal model. This polymer was developed at the University of Nottingham, through a 4-year EPSRC project. Due to the poor quality of the re-enforcing absorbable glass fibre material used to make the matrix for the polymer, the pins failed biomechanical testing.

Clinical Research – Nottingham

‘Evaluation of young sporting population with lumbar stress injuries or spondylolysis – at the Centre of Spinal Studies and Surgery, at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham


Following papers were published while doing the research:

The Clinical outcome and return to sport following surgical treatment of spondylolysis in young  athletes’ – Debnath UK, Freeman BJC

Role of SPECT imaging in posterior lumbar stress injuries Debnath UK, Webb JK (IJO)

Symptomatic unilateral lumbar spondylolysis’ – Debnath UK, Freeman BJC, Grevitt M, Webb JK (Spine)

Lumbar pars injury or spondylolysis – diagnosis and management –Debnath UK et al (Orthopaedics & Trauma)

DM in University of Nottingham, 2003 -2008

‘Factors Predicting the Outcome following treatment for Lumbar Spondylolysis’ –dissertation for DM (Doctor of Medicine) in Orthopaedics in the University of Nottingham. Supervised by Ms B Scammell (Head of Dept of Trauma & Orthopaedics, University of Nottingham, UK) and Mr B J C Freeman, FRCS (Orth). (Prof of Orthopaedics at Adelaide University Hospital).


U K Debnath et al: Clinical Outcome and Return to Sport after the Surgical Treatment of Spondylolysis in Young Athletes. In: Year Book of Orthopaedics 2004. (Eds) Morrey, Beauchamp, Peterson, Swiontkowski, Trigg and Yaszemski.Mosby Inc. Philadelphia, PA. Chapter 7: 193-194.

Freeman BJC, Debnath UK. The management of spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis. In: Surgery for Low Back Pain? Controversies in Etiopathogenesis, Management and Costs.Edited by Robert Gunzburg, Marek Szpalski& Bjorn Rydevik Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia 2008.

Lumbar Disc disease (Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Private Limited)

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