Bone Fracture Treatment

Best Fracture Surgeon In Kolkata


Bone Fractures most commonly result from accidental injury, either as a result of a road traffic accident or sport/recreation related injury. 

Fractures to the limbs and pelvis can result in long-term disability and affect the employability and ability to pursue hobbies and past times. Mr Mohanty is a fellowship trained trauma surgeon and has gained expertise and experience in treating all fractures of limbs and pelvis. Mr Mohanty, the best fracture surgeon in Kolkata routinely sees acutely injured patients in his clinic.

Conditions the best fracture surgeon in Kolkata treat in trauma

Best fracture surgeon in Kolkata

Trauma can occur from any injury, either high energy or low energy, resulting in enough force to cause a fracture or significant damage within the body. There are many types of fractures that can occur from traumatic injuries. These range from simple fractures that require only casting or splinting to treat, to severe, complex fractures that require surgery. Dr Ujjwal K Debnath, Best fracture surgeon in Kolkata, spent more than 16 years in the UK and travelled in all continents to learn the highly advanced surgical care for patients with complex fractures or related problems in healing, such as infected bones or bones which are not healing properly. He heads a team of specialists who bring a compassionate approach to ensuring you benefit from his wide-ranging expertise with the latest in orthopaedic surgical techniques. This can range from digital imaging to bone graft procedures to rebuilding complex fractures through reconstructive procedures e.g. fusion “cages” or External fixation.

  •  Trauma and acute surgical interventions include
  •  Nonunions and infections (e.g. non healing fractures)
  •  Acetabular fractures
  •  Pelvic fractures
  •  Pediatric fractures (e.g. Supracondylar elbow fractures)
  •  Geriatric trauma (e.g. fracture neck of femur/fracture distal radius)
  •  Hand and upper extremity injuries (e.g. Elbow & Shoulder fractures)
  •  Knee dislocations and fractures (e.g. Tibial Plateau fractures)
  •  Lower extremity and Foot & Ankle injuries
  •  Open fractures
  •  Patients with multiple injuries
  •  Periarticular fractures
  •  Periprosthetic fractures
  •  Spine trauma
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